How do you choose your carpet?

Where to start?

With tufted carpet flooring the possibilities are endless.
From bold colours to a timeless grey, patterns and stripes or rich textures. So it's no wonder that picking out which carpet you want can be overwhelming.

Think about:

- The colours and styles you like: Check out our gallery to get an idea of the perfect look for your home.
- Your lifestyle: Do you have pets? Are your children still young and more likely to cause spills? If so, you might consider a carpet that is particularly easy to clean and maintain.
- Your budget: There are countless options for all kinds of budgets, so you can always choose a carpet that matches your taste and style.

Backing fibers, yarn technology and more

The design of a carpet is one thing. Even when you’ve decided which colours and texture you like, there are a whole lot of options when it comes to production materials.
Your local dealer will explain everything there is to know about backings and production materials. You can simply focus on determining which design you love.

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